Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now you know why I am called “The Pickety Place".

Picks! Picks! And more picks!  Here is a little sampling of some
of my plant or yard picks. Some are sanded down and made
to look a little more rustic than the others.  I also put them
together on jute with snowflakes and ribbon in between
to  create a garland.  They were a good seller for me last
year.  The picks to the right are much smaller but are very
cute in a plant or even used as a gift accessory.

Just a sample of Christmas Items

I have a weakness for Gingerbread men (and women).  The top
ones come with dowels for the back so that they can stand and
 a whole in the crotch area for a dowel for a pick.  Your choice.
 They are “Glittered up” cause I love all things sparkly and glittery.
 The gingerbread couple are made from wood bodies
and fabric clothing.  They are also hand painted. Below
I have picks with a gingerbread head.  The picks are so
 dang cute poked into a wooden box filled with greenery and
pinecones  as well as the gingerbread men.  (Posted at a later date.)


You can never have enough gingerbread men.  Oh and I have
Garlands coming up as well as pins and ornaments. Told ya
I loved everything gingerbread !

Tis the Season….

I know! I know!  It is a little soon for Christmas. However…. Well
actually there isn’t a logical explanation except that I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!
These fence boards have been transformed into a Santa, a tree, and
last but not least a snowman.  I can’t believe how much fun it
is to dream up these characters.  I sold one at the Market on Saturday, and
know that it found it’s way to a good home.  The singles will be fun too.
I am looking forward to designing  a penguin and a gingerbread as well.
Maybe even a group for a nativity scene. 
Ho! Ho! Ho! and Fa lah lah ! So many ideas and so little time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Trio

I had such fun creating this trio.  The turkey was especially fun.
They had their first day at the
 Farmers Market on Saturday where one went home to it’s new family and the others , well lets
just say it was a wash-out.  It rained and rained!  Typical for Washington weather right?

                                 Well all I can say is... Welcome Fall!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween Items

Pumpkin Trio:  Perfect for Sept. – Nov.

They are approximately, starting from the tallest

to the smallest 13” X 11”,  7” X 11”, and 6” X 8”.

They are repurposed from cedar boards and have been

painted with exterior paint.  They come in a variety of

styles and mixed colors of orange, white and light green

stripes. Rebar is attached for a secure and sturdy stake.  

                                 Price: $15.00 per set

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birdhouse Bonanza

I love birdhouses and like to create, well, not the norm
kind of things that’s for sure.  My daughter-in-law has
one and it was so fun to see the baby birds stick their
little heads out to say tweet tweet. Below are some close-ups
of some of the birdhouses.
junktown junktion 321junktown junktion 329junktown junktion 330junktown junktion 331
I love the “Winkey”ones.

junktown junktion 332junktown junktion 333junktown junktion 334